2011 Switchblade IDS

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2011 years Switchblade is finally here!

Switchblade is one of the worlds most respected and most sold kite by all time. Switchblade dominates with its allround properties for freestyle and freeride at the same time as it’s the kite used by the world elite in wakestyle. The new Switchblade has a very light bar pressure and is extremely easy to ride. The bow construction make is super easy to water start.

Switchblade has the right combination of speed, power and safety, Switchblade is the kite that everyone can ride!





Features for the new Switchblade 2011:

  • New entry profiles creating an even faster moving kite
  • Re-designed strut placement giving more stability during jump
  • New LE closing seam construction
  • Lighter bladders in 14 and 16 sizes
  • New canopy material
  • 5 strut design
  • IDS Bridle
  • Tuning options
  • IDS Bridle
  • Powerdrive IDS
  • Sprint