Cabrinha Crossbow IDS leaking air

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Two of my Cabrinha Crossbows, the 11m and 13m are leaking air and it’s very annoying to be forced to ride back to land after less than an hour of kiting, just to blow up the soft spongy kite again. I have emailed the support to Cabrinha and I´m currently waiting for their answer. This is what I just wrote to them:


I have three Cabrinha Crossbow kites (9, 11 and 13), all from 2009 with the IDS system. They are all used, but not in excess and they are still in very good condition. However, I recently noticed that two of them, the 11 and 13 have punctures. I can only ride with them for max one hour before I have to go back to land to pump them up again. I have located the puncture to the leading edge, since all the struts keep the air when the vents are closed.
I havn’t smashed the kites in the water or something like that, the punctures just appeared from nowhere. Do you have any idea of what the possible problem can be and how it can be fixed. Is it the bladder or the main vent that is broken? Perhaps did other people report airleakages from their 09 Crossbows?

Any help is appreciated! =)

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