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Cabrinha Caliber

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Caliber Cabrinha

When we speak of serious freestyle and free riding the Caliber steps up to the plate. With its lower rocker line the Caliber planes quickly and is able to fly upwind. It is considered as a huge asset when riding in less than favorable wind conditions as well as for staying in the defined competition area. The Caliber’s outline and flex pattern give the board incredible pop whether you are riding unhooked or hooked in. The new Caliber has extended the quad concave right through the center of the board to provide increased grip, and to diffuse the impact on the landings.

The Caliber is constructed with a Paulownia wood core, ABS side walls and carbon stringers, tip to tail. The manufacturer even added composite foot patches for a more direct power transmission to the rail.


3D-TOP: consistent flex and pop throughout the range
QUAD CONCAVE BASE: added control in the tip and tail
CARBON TIP-TO-TAIL: tighter pop and quicker response
NEW SHAPE: progressive freestyle and freeride
INSERT BLOCKS: linked stainless steel inserts
ABS SIDEWALLS: custom shaped rails
WOOD CORE: vertically laminated Paulownia
LIGHTER WEIGHT: Ships with 45mm fins and a handle.
COLOR: Aqua/Orange, Blue, Yellow/Black, Red

SIZES (cm) :
130 x 40
133 x 41
136 x 42
139 x 43

+ Planes Quick to enable serious free riding and freestyle.
+ Gives unbelievable chop.
+ Easy Ride
+ Great Syncs that promotes tight grip
+ Gives more power in jumping popping.
+ Advantageous in less favorable wind conditions.
+ Gives far-fetched pop; The Pop will be good in the flatter sections between waves and is an excellent board when using it on waves as kickers. The landings can be smooth and soft(may vary in some water impact), and it can have a perfect blend of being able to land off axis and yet still having enough bite to land with lots of speed.


– Due to its lightness, some riders may experience some mistakes in performing tricks and takes time to recover.
– Impact on landings may be hard but it is very manageable.
– Not the lightest board.

The Caliber is the better tool to get you out in the lighter stuff. It is such a very nice board, no spray to the face whatsoever, planes quick, rides fast, goes through the lulls well and generally felt like a bigger board given the conditions. It locks in very well when going up wind but is fairly loose and skates when you want it to be. The sync straps are really comfortable but the pads themselves are a little stiff on the landings. The Caliber is a significantly faster board with amazing grip and very nice pop. It rockets upwind and is a true freestyler’s dream board, It can do a little of everything.

Order Cabrinha Caliber online at King of Watersports.