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The Cabrinha Team in Marshall Island’s

By piggelill  //  Drifter  //  Comments Off on The Cabrinha Team in Marshall Island’s

The Cabrinha team has found a spot that seems to be one of the best spots for kitesurfing in the world, the Marshall Islands! Crystal clear water, perfect waves, white sand, flat water and no other kiters! Actually I hope the Marshall Island’s remain free from kitesurfers, it would be a shame if this hidden pearl would turn into another spot that is totally crowded of kiteboarders. Besides I don’t think the corals and fishes would appreciate to get ripped up by fins and boards… Anyway, the Cabrinha team seems to be careful with the under water world, I like that!

By the way, the kites you see in this video are Cabrinha’s new Drifter, their new wave kite.