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Cabrinha Chaos

Chaos is Cabrinhas brand new C kite! The ultimate kite for kiteloops and easy handle passes. And of course with plenty of depower as in cabrinha’s other kites!

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Cabrinha 2013

The 2013 Cabrinha kites are coming soon! Cabrinhas products range gets better for each year and 2013 is not an exception! Cabrinha continue to deliver kites of the highest quality materials and best construction techniques on the market. More info coming in a near future!

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Cabrinha Caliber

Caliber Cabrinha When we speak of serious freestyle and free riding the Caliber steps up to the plate. With its lower rocker line the Caliber planes quickly and is able to fly upwind. It is considered as a huge asset when riding in less than favorable wind conditions as well as for staying in the defined competition area. The Caliber’s outline and flex pattern give the board incredible pop whether you are riding unhooked or hooked in. The new Caliber has extended the quad concave right through the center of the board to provide increased grip, and to diffuse the […]

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Liam Whaley – Cabrinha 2012

15 year old Liam Whaley joins Cabrinhas team. Liam is young but already a great kitesurfer. Imagine the level he´ll be at five years from now…!

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Susi Mai in Antigua

Susi Mai in Antigua

This video doesn’t really need any presentation. Watching Susa Mai is always a pleasure. Here she is in Antigua!

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Cabrinha in Cape Verde 2012

Here is a really nice video from the Cabrinha team in Cape Verde.

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Hendrick Burgers

Hendrick Burgers is the name of a Cabrinha rider that aims to beat the mighty Youri Zoon Hendrick Burgers is currently training for the coming season and according to this video it looks pretty good! But he´s of course riding with Cabrinha which makes things easier 🙂

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The Cabrinha Team in Marshall Island’s

The Cabrinha team has found a spot that seems to be one of the best spots for kitesurfing in the world, the Marshall Islands! Crystal clear water, perfect waves, white sand, flat water and no other kiters! Actually I hope the Marshall Island’s remain free from kitesurfers, it would be a shame if this hidden pearl would turn into another spot that is totally crowded of kiteboarders. Besides I don’t think the corals and fishes would appreciate to get ripped up by fins and boards… Anyway, the Cabrinha team seems to be careful with the under water world, I like […]

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Susi Mai – Kitesurfing Girl

Susi Mai Sports are great sources of power and adrenalin rush. Being involved in different sports activities allow one to not only have a healthier body but also a renewed sense of adventure. Sport enthusiasts join different kinds of sports in order to broaden their skills in the field of athletics. Aside from the more common sports such as basketball and volleyball, sports-minded individuals also engage in extreme sports. Extreme sports are not your regular sports. They are more intense than the common sports people play. One example of an extreme sport is kitesurfing. Kitesurfing can be called interchangeably with […]

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Cabrinha Drifter 2012

The name Drifter says a lot about what kind of kite were talking about here. Yes, it’s a surf kite which you probably already knew. So what can we say about the Drifter? A friend of mine took out a 9m for a test ride in gusty conditions, 20-30 knots. Choppy water combined with a 5,4″ surfboard. Let’s start with the good news. The kite feels rigid almost as if there were rods instead of lines. It´s easy to pilot is whereever you want it without any annoying lag and no such moments when you´re waiting for the kite to […]