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2011 Switchblade IDS

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2011 years Switchblade is finally here!

Switchblade is one of the worlds most respected and most sold kite by all time. Switchblade dominates with its allround properties for freestyle and freeride at the same time as it’s the kite used by the world elite in wakestyle. The new Switchblade has a very light bar pressure and is extremely easy to ride. The bow construction make is super easy to water start.

Switchblade has the right combination of speed, power and safety, Switchblade is the kite that everyone can ride!





Features for the new Switchblade 2011:

  • New entry profiles creating an even faster moving kite
  • Re-designed strut placement giving more stability during jump
  • New LE closing seam construction
  • Lighter bladders in 14 and 16 sizes
  • New canopy material
  • 5 strut design
  • IDS Bridle
  • Tuning options
  • IDS Bridle
  • Powerdrive IDS
  • Sprint



Freeride Kite #1

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Freeride kite nr.1. No other kite has made a bigger impression in the kite history. When Cabrinha introduced Crossbow did they actually drastically change the conditions for kiting. Year 2011 is the 6th version of the classic freeride kite of Crossbow that Cabrinha releases.

With crossbow are you getting a huge wind span and ability to kite in gusty winds like no other kites. I´ve been kiting myself with a 9 meter Cabrinha Crossbow in 23 m/s, with full depower, but still… Crossbows open arc design gives tons of lift and power. the crossbow is the kite for you that likes to ride fast, go upwind and jump high with long hang time. Crossbow is a true freeridee kite that is easy to water start, comes in top quality and with a great safety system combined with IDS – Intelligent Depower System.


I love Cabrinha!

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My first post ever… I know that this site is not much to put in the christmas tree in this state, but bevare… My plan is to make this site into a site dedicated not only to kite surfers, but surfers who love to ride Cabrinha kites! Me myself has of course not tried every single kite brand out there, but a few… Cabrinha is by far the best kite brand I tried and simply love my cabrinhas. I have one crossbow and switchblade and will hopefully extend my collection with a nomad or a 2011 version later this year, I´ll keep you posted for sure!

Anyway, I´ll gather as much information about cabrinha kites as possible on this site and I hope that you as a visitor will leave this site somewhat clearer about benefits and drawback with different Cabrinhas kites.

Good wind!