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Susi Mai in Antigua

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This video doesn’t really need any presentation. Watching Susa Mai is always a pleasure. Here she is in Antigua!


Susi Mai – Kitesurfing Girl

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Susi Mai

susa maiSports are great sources of power and adrenalin rush. Being involved in different sports activities allow one to not only have a healthier body but also a renewed sense of adventure. Sport enthusiasts join different kinds of sports in order to broaden their skills in the field of athletics. Aside from the more common sports such as basketball and volleyball, sports-minded individuals also engage in extreme sports.

Extreme sports are not your regular sports. They are more intense than the common sports people play. One example of an extreme sport is kitesurfing. Kitesurfing can be called interchangeably with kiteboarding. It is an extreme surface water sport that is a mix of windsurfing and wakeboarding. Kitesurfers of kiteboarders use boards and kites to enjoy this extreme water sport.

Men and women can both enjoy kitesurfing as long as they have the guts to try it out. It is very important that one is quite well aware of the risks that kiteboarding may present. In order to minimize these risks, kitesurfers should know very well the basic techniques involved in kitesurfing. Kitesurfers should be capable of turning correctly against the wind. They should also be capable of controlling their flies and their jumps. Lastly, kitesurfing involves performing different stunts and trick with the kiteboard, so kiteboarders should be knowledgeable of these basic tricks.

Born on the 18th of May 1984, Susanne Mai is a popular female kitesurfer. This 26 year old sweetheart started kitesurfing a little later than the usual; she started when she was already 18 years old. Prior her reign in the kitesurfing arena, the only semblance of sports that she experienced is playing with her PlayStation. She made quite an amazing debut during her first world cup kitesurfing event. She finished 2nd place during this event.

In 2003, she ranked 11th place for finishing 2nd place in the PKRA tour. She has also bagged the title “Queen of Air” thrice already. Her innate talent in the sport, together with her passion for the sport and determination to win, has brought her to where she is today. Indeed, Susa Mai is a name every kitesurfer should know.

Last 2010, Mai embarked on a new challenge. She graced the Red Bull Web TV Channel with her own travel show. An adventurous Susanne Mai allows her viewers to get a glimpse of the exciting events of the Global Blitz Trippin’ Shows. In her shows, Mai managed to showcase the culture of the country she was visiting while giving her viewers access to the different extreme sport events that the country has to offer. She has been to Switzerland and Egypt to name a few. Susi Mai is not only one of the absolutely best kitesurfer among women, but also one of the hottest kite babes!

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