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Cabrinha Chaos

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Chaos is Cabrinhas brand new C kite! The ultimate kite for kiteloops and easy handle passes. And of course with plenty of depower as in cabrinha’s other kites!


Cabrinha 2013

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The 2013 Cabrinha kites are coming soon! Cabrinhas products range gets better for each year and 2013 is not an exception! Cabrinha continue to deliver kites of the highest quality materials and best construction techniques on the market. More info coming in a near future!


Cabrinha Caliber

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Caliber Cabrinha

When we speak of serious freestyle and free riding the Caliber steps up to the plate. With its lower rocker line the Caliber planes quickly and is able to fly upwind. It is considered as a huge asset when riding in less than favorable wind conditions as well as for staying in the defined competition area. The Caliber’s outline and flex pattern give the board incredible pop whether you are riding unhooked or hooked in. The new Caliber has extended the quad concave right through the center of the board to provide increased grip, and to diffuse the impact on the landings.

The Caliber is constructed with a Paulownia wood core, ABS side walls and carbon stringers, tip to tail. The manufacturer even added composite foot patches for a more direct power transmission to the rail.


3D-TOP: consistent flex and pop throughout the range
QUAD CONCAVE BASE: added control in the tip and tail
CARBON TIP-TO-TAIL: tighter pop and quicker response
NEW SHAPE: progressive freestyle and freeride
INSERT BLOCKS: linked stainless steel inserts
ABS SIDEWALLS: custom shaped rails
WOOD CORE: vertically laminated Paulownia
LIGHTER WEIGHT: Ships with 45mm fins and a handle.
COLOR: Aqua/Orange, Blue, Yellow/Black, Red

SIZES (cm) :
130 x 40
133 x 41
136 x 42
139 x 43

+ Planes Quick to enable serious free riding and freestyle.
+ Gives unbelievable chop.
+ Easy Ride
+ Great Syncs that promotes tight grip
+ Gives more power in jumping popping.
+ Advantageous in less favorable wind conditions.
+ Gives far-fetched pop; The Pop will be good in the flatter sections between waves and is an excellent board when using it on waves as kickers. The landings can be smooth and soft(may vary in some water impact), and it can have a perfect blend of being able to land off axis and yet still having enough bite to land with lots of speed.


– Due to its lightness, some riders may experience some mistakes in performing tricks and takes time to recover.
– Impact on landings may be hard but it is very manageable.
– Not the lightest board.

The Caliber is the better tool to get you out in the lighter stuff. It is such a very nice board, no spray to the face whatsoever, planes quick, rides fast, goes through the lulls well and generally felt like a bigger board given the conditions. It locks in very well when going up wind but is fairly loose and skates when you want it to be. The sync straps are really comfortable but the pads themselves are a little stiff on the landings. The Caliber is a significantly faster board with amazing grip and very nice pop. It rockets upwind and is a true freestyler’s dream board, It can do a little of everything.

Order Cabrinha Caliber online at King of Watersports.


Liam Whaley – Cabrinha 2012

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15 year old Liam Whaley joins Cabrinhas team. Liam is young but already a great kitesurfer. Imagine the level he´ll be at five years from now…!


Susi Mai in Antigua

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This video doesn’t really need any presentation. Watching Susa Mai is always a pleasure. Here she is in Antigua!


Cabrinha in Cape Verde 2012

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Here is a really nice video from the Cabrinha team in Cape Verde.


Hendrick Burgers

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Hendrick Burgers is the name of a Cabrinha rider that aims to beat the mighty Youri Zoon

Hendrick Burgers is currently training for the coming season and according to this video it looks pretty good! But he´s of course riding with Cabrinha which makes things easier 🙂


The Cabrinha Team in Marshall Island’s

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The Cabrinha team has found a spot that seems to be one of the best spots for kitesurfing in the world, the Marshall Islands! Crystal clear water, perfect waves, white sand, flat water and no other kiters! Actually I hope the Marshall Island’s remain free from kitesurfers, it would be a shame if this hidden pearl would turn into another spot that is totally crowded of kiteboarders. Besides I don’t think the corals and fishes would appreciate to get ripped up by fins and boards… Anyway, the Cabrinha team seems to be careful with the under water world, I like that!

By the way, the kites you see in this video are Cabrinha’s new Drifter, their new wave kite.


Susi Mai – Kitesurfing Girl

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Susi Mai

susa maiSports are great sources of power and adrenalin rush. Being involved in different sports activities allow one to not only have a healthier body but also a renewed sense of adventure. Sport enthusiasts join different kinds of sports in order to broaden their skills in the field of athletics. Aside from the more common sports such as basketball and volleyball, sports-minded individuals also engage in extreme sports.

Extreme sports are not your regular sports. They are more intense than the common sports people play. One example of an extreme sport is kitesurfing. Kitesurfing can be called interchangeably with kiteboarding. It is an extreme surface water sport that is a mix of windsurfing and wakeboarding. Kitesurfers of kiteboarders use boards and kites to enjoy this extreme water sport.

Men and women can both enjoy kitesurfing as long as they have the guts to try it out. It is very important that one is quite well aware of the risks that kiteboarding may present. In order to minimize these risks, kitesurfers should know very well the basic techniques involved in kitesurfing. Kitesurfers should be capable of turning correctly against the wind. They should also be capable of controlling their flies and their jumps. Lastly, kitesurfing involves performing different stunts and trick with the kiteboard, so kiteboarders should be knowledgeable of these basic tricks.

Born on the 18th of May 1984, Susanne Mai is a popular female kitesurfer. This 26 year old sweetheart started kitesurfing a little later than the usual; she started when she was already 18 years old. Prior her reign in the kitesurfing arena, the only semblance of sports that she experienced is playing with her PlayStation. She made quite an amazing debut during her first world cup kitesurfing event. She finished 2nd place during this event.

In 2003, she ranked 11th place for finishing 2nd place in the PKRA tour. She has also bagged the title “Queen of Air” thrice already. Her innate talent in the sport, together with her passion for the sport and determination to win, has brought her to where she is today. Indeed, Susa Mai is a name every kitesurfer should know.

Last 2010, Mai embarked on a new challenge. She graced the Red Bull Web TV Channel with her own travel show. An adventurous Susanne Mai allows her viewers to get a glimpse of the exciting events of the Global Blitz Trippin’ Shows. In her shows, Mai managed to showcase the culture of the country she was visiting while giving her viewers access to the different extreme sport events that the country has to offer. She has been to Switzerland and Egypt to name a few. Susi Mai is not only one of the absolutely best kitesurfer among women, but also one of the hottest kite babes!

susimaisusanne maisusisusi mai & tuva jansen










Cabrinha Drifter 2012

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The name Drifter says a lot about what kind of kite were talking about here. Yes, it’s a surf kite which you probably already knew.

So what can we say about the Drifter? A friend of mine took out a 9m for a test ride in gusty conditions, 20-30 knots. Choppy water combined with a 5,4″ surfboard.

Let’s start with the good news.
The kite feels rigid almost as if there were rods instead of lines. It´s easy to pilot is whereever you want it without any annoying lag and no such moments when you´re waiting for the kite to power up, for instance after several turns in the waves.

The wind was pretty strong this day, but I experienced that it was easy to do multiple linked turns without having to worry about slacking lines. This would probably not have been a problem with any kite a windy day like this one, but still.

The upwind performances was great. I was able to lots of turns and tricks on my way down and just go upwind and start over.

The kite has only three struts, like the trend we saw among lightwind kites in 2011. The bar is a excellent, the IDS bar with the spring coil system that works as a stopper.

Bad things…

The colors are dull, boring and sort of faded. People asked me where the hell I found such an old kite.

The grunt is ok, but probably not the best grunt kite I tried.

The video below shows in which conditions the Drifter comes to its right use.

Cabrinha Drifter 2012 first Strapless test in Sweden!! from Surfskolan Crew on Vimeo.