2011 Cabrinha Crossbow IDS

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Cabrinha has released its new type of the popular crossbow kite, the Cabrinha Crossbow IDS!

So what is new and what is this IDS all about?

The crossbow kite has always been Cabrinhas best free riding kite with a very good power / size ratio which can be explained by the kites profile which has a wide open arc which makes the kite excellent for those who are looking to be airborn as long as possible.

The crossbow has always been known for being extremely easy to waterstart and the 2011 version does not make us disappointed on this point either.  The handling is also even better in the new version.

IDS stands for Intelligent Depower System and it’s basically an improved bridle and control system, like it wasn’t easy enough to steer the previous crossbows =) The IDS provides the kite with two stages of depower. One that can be used interactive while riding your kite and one that be used during landing. Cabrinha states that the second stage correspond to a fifth line, but without the mess that always comes with the fifth line. Morover Cabrinha claimes that the 2011 version is still as easy to relaunch as its predecessors.

The first Cabrinha Crossbow was released 2006 and it took the kite surfing to a whole new level with all the benefits and simplicity that came with the bow-kite. The newest version is in other words the 6th edition of the Crossbow and it seems like Cabrinha will keep their competitors a few steps behind on the kite front even this year!

2011 Cabrinha Crossbow IDS