Cabrinha Vector 2012

By piggelill  //  2012  //  Comments Off on Cabrinha Vector 2012
cabrinha-vector-2012The Vector is a new offering from Cabrinha. It’s designed to be a stable platform for beginner and intermediately level kiters.

the Vector is a kite that you can ride in any conditions that the ocean offer you and it will do it with consistency and ease. The Vector is made to make kiteboarding easier, the handling and steering are easy and the water relaunch is a piece of cake and it comes with an intuitive security system. The Vector makes use of the latest cutting edge kite technology to deliver solid performances across all disciplines. Its 3 strut design is slightly lower aspect ratio than the Drifter giving it more of a parking ride type of steering, once you´re up and riding you can pretty much set it and forget it, its stability will blow you away. The Vectors 3 strut hybrid design is excellent for a wide range of universal freeriding uses. It can be used with every single board type. If you´re looking for a great kite that will match your kiteboarding skills move from move in a safe and secure package, then Vector is the kite for you. The Vector comes in sizes of 3.5, 5, 7, 9, 11, 12 and 14 square meters